Nizar Mamdani


Nizar brings a couple of decades of experience in the international investment banking and healthcare sectors to support the vision and planning of Histofi. He experienced first-hand, cancer care issues, having lost his first wife, Nancy Mamdani, to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The arduous journey to arrange the best cancer care for his wife, while at the same time, the extraordinary impacts of cutting-edge science and care professionals, motivated Nizar to dedicate his time, money, and sincere efforts to ensure better care options for cancer patients worldwide.


As a founder and the Executive Director of International Healthcare Services at Nebraska Medicine/University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), Nizar promoted UNMC’s international patient care, education, training, healthcare management, and research programs.


Nizar organized collaborative partnerships of UNMC with 133 healthcare institutions in 45 countries. The program brings hundreds of international patients to UNMC, especially for Oncology, Transplant, Neurology, and Cardiology. More than 120 international specialists received no-cost healthcare training/observation at UNMC. He organized healthcare specialists from Nebraska to visit 24 countries for on-site training. Under his leadership, UNMC initiated the second opinion program, telepathology, and customized training programs in cancer care. The no-cost international training, observation, and education programs for healthcare professionals help patients in many countries be the ultimate beneficiaries of advanced cancer treatment programs.


Along with his wife, Dr. Marsha Mamdani, Nizar established a not-for-profit, First Sight, a low-tech, fool-proof vision-screening and eyeglasses process for children and adults in developing countries to receive free eyeglasses. Nizar personally funded and received support from Rotary Clubs, faith-based organizations, Nebraska Medicine, University of Utah, Creighton University, Opportunity Education Foundation, and others; First Sight has already distributed free eyeglasses to thousands of recipients in 18 countries. It is already beginning to make a much-needed positive impact on the lives of recipients (


Nizar also established eTransMed, a successful provider of medical/law enforcement voice recognition, transcription, and documentation services. (

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