Technology Partners of Histofi

In the USA & Europe

Digital Pathology & LabWares

Our partners and collaborators in the technology field include the followings:

  • Pathology slide scanner manufacturers;
  • Image management vendors;
  • Anatomic pathology laboratory information system;
  • Lab note and protocol solution providers;
  • Cancer-specific diagnostic AI application developers;
  • Oncology electronic medical record system;

AI Application Developers

Histofi has partnered with multiple AI application developers in the USA and European countries. The list of our partners and collaborators will be made public very soon.


We are always in search of advanced AI applications in cancer diagnosis, biomarkers, both for the research stage and for clinical diagnostic usage. For clinical uses, we require regulatory approval by either EU or US-FDA.

Research & Development

Industry-wide research and collaborations with academic institutions, pharmaceutical, and biomedical sectors are under development.


Interested organizations are welcome to contact us for further detail.

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