Histofi Partner Providers

Cancer Care is  a Cooperative Job

"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together."

Multinational Partnerships with One goal: cure cancer

Histofi Partner Providers (HPPs)

Medical facilities and professionals engaged in cancer care may join us as a Histofi Partner Provider (HPP) in their respective geographic location.

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Cancer Care Providers

  • We deliver our platform and services anywhere in the world. Our connected Histofi Partner Providers (HPPs) enjoy better patient retention by reducing churn as patients do not need to travel for a second opinion or for rapid and advance treatment decision and planning.
  • Moreover, travel may not be an option for many cancer patients due to physical and/or financial situations, they can still avail of diagnostic and treatment support from renowned sub-specialists right from the primary care provider’s facility.
  • At Histofi, only patients’ data travel, not the patient. The decision is made in consultation between the primary and cancer-specific sub-specialists.

service at the speed of data

Pathology Laboratories

Histofi Affiliated Pathology Laboratories: the affiliated pathology laboratories are designated as Histofi partner providers (HPP) and also scans glass slides of non-affiliated pathology and medical facilities in their own geography.


Non-affiliated Pathology Laboratories: sign up with the Histofi SaaS platform for your own account to optimize cancer-related services. Such non-affiliated labs need to ship pathology glass slides to the nearest HPP for digitalization.

Independent & Group Practitioners

Physicians / Oncologists

  • Affiliated physicians: clinical practitioners affiliated with HPP medical centers have access to the Histofi platform through their institutional account in Histofi.
  • Independent Physician / Practitioners: clinical practitioners not affiliated with HPP medical centers can sign up independently with Histofi to use the SaaS platform along with all its AI applications in the cloud. However, they need to ship pathology glass slides to HPP medical centers for scanning.

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