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We Serve Patients Through Their Primary Physician

  • The cancer diagnosis puts the patient and their family members into a battle of survival. The fight is unique for each patient.


  • Histofi joins the fight with the individual patients and family members. We do our best to allow them to avail all scientific means for the cure of their cancer. We empower your physician with digital pathology, artificial intelligent (AI) diagnostic applications, and connecting them to renowned cancer centers and sub-specialists from around the world.


  • Not all cancer patients can afford to travel to another city or country to seek better diagnostic and treatment decisions. We help you to mitigate gaps those act as barriers for you from seeking the best cancer care. In collaboration with your physician, we ensure that you get access to the latest scientific resources in cancer care, irrespective of your health, and economic circumstances. We ensure that “data travels, not the patient.” for the best possible cancer diagnosis and treatment.


  • At Histofi, we stop at nothing to treat and cure cancer. During treatment and post-recovery periods, we make sure you have access to your care team using the in-app telemedicine consultation built into the Histofi mobile app. A trained nurse called Navigator is designated with your mobile app to support you and to connect you with your local or international physician as the need may be.


  • If you and your primary physician in your country decide to seek advanced diagnostic tools, treatment decision support, or a second opinion, then your physician works directly with Histofi to manage your medical needs. Neither your cancer biopsy sample nor you need to travel; you can choose expert cancer care resources from our global provider (subspecialist) network based on your economic situation. The external subspecialist medical professionals are your secondary care provider, who consults with your primary care provider – your own local physician.


  • If you do not have any primary care provider, then you can contact Histofi local office in your country via the mobile app to talk to our local support team. Within a day, a primary physician will be assigned to you in your country, which is part of our global provider network.

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