Specialized Cancer Centers

In the USA, Europe, India, Singapore & Thailand

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Histofi Collaborators & Partners

Histofi has established and developing collaborations and partnerships with renowned cancer centers and academic institutions in the USA, UK, India, Singapore, and Thailand.

We welcome interests from specialized cancer centers and academic institutions from the USA, UK, India, Singapore, and Thailand to join our efforts in serving the underserved.

The departments include but not limited to pathology, oncology, radiation oncology, internal medicine, gynecology, etc. All international services are delivered to the HPP network jointly with the primary care providers.

Independent Consultants

Pathologists & Oncologists

Oncologists: sub-specialist independent practitioners and consultants in oncology sub-sectors are part of Histofi’s global provider network. We are always expanding our provider network.


Pathologists: similarly, pathologists with cancer-specific sub-specialization from the USA, UK, India, and other countries are contracted with Histofi.


Radiation Oncologists: we are also contracting with radiation oncologists for tumor board services

Regional Referral Laboratories

Medical Laboratories

Anatomic Pathology: in some complex cases or due to requests from patients or their physicians, we ship biopsy samples (tissue and body fluids) to regional Histofi affiliated anatomic pathology laboratories. Histofi has affiliated regional laboratories in Asia (India, Singapore, Dubai), Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa), North America (USA, Canada), and in Europe (UK, France, Germany).


Molecular Pathology: similar to Anatomic Pathology, Histofi has affiliated molecular Pathology laboratories in the USA, India, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Kenya, and South Africa. Our sample handling services include integrated courier services (DHL, FedEx, UPS) and other regional courier service companies. The biopsy sample shipment process starts from the ordering module within the Histofi’s AP-LIS.

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