Jay Sanders, MD

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Jay is the CEO of The Global Telemedicine Group, Professor of Medicine (Adjunct) at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Founder and President Emeritus of the American Telemedicine Association. He chairs the Scientific, Military and Medical Advisory Board of the National Science Foundation/NC State University ASSIST Nano-systems Sensor Center.

Known to many as the “Father of Telemedicine”, he was responsible for developing the first Statewide telemedicine system, the first Correctional telemedicine program, the first Tele-homecare technology, called “The Electronic House Call”, and the first Telemedicine kiosk.

His consulting activities have included NASA, DOD, HHS, the VA, the FCC, State Governments, the Southern Governors Association, the MIT Media Lab, WHO, academic institutions, investment firms, Fortune 500 companies, and International Governments. In 1994, he introduced telemedicine’s capability to the Assistant Secretary of Defense that culminated in the initiation of the use of this technology within DOD. He was subsequently asked to serve as the sole civilian representative on the DOD Telemedicine Board of Directors with the Surgeon Generals of the Army, Navy and Air Force. During the Clinton Administration he represented the USA to the G8 nations for telemedicine, and was appointed by former HHS Secretary Leavitt, to the Chronic Care Workgroup.

He is a graduate of Harvard Medical School, magna cum laude, a member of the honor medical society, AOA, and did his residency training at the Massachusetts General Hospital where he became Chief Medical Resident. In 1970, he developed the first Division of General Medicine in the country at the University of Miami where he was Professor of Medicine and Chief of Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Other academic appointments include being Professor of Medicine and Surgery at the Medical College of Georgia, where he was Director of the Telemedicine Institute, Visiting Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and Visiting Professor at Yale University School of Medicine.

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