What We do?

Distribute AI-Enabled Cancer Care Resources

equip providers with the latest cancer care Technologies.

Distribute AI-powered Diagnostic Apps to labs and medical centers .

We serve providers, anywhere, remove isolation, and enhance capacity.

Total Transformation

Digitize Pathology Workflow

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform has the necessary tools to digitalize the entire pathology workflow. Our process starts with tumor sample collection, identification, pathology slide preparation, whole slide scanning, AI applications, and open avenues to seek cutting-edge scientific resources to understand cancer at the molecular level for each patient.  Hardware (scanner) just a part of the digitization process, our applications ensure streamlining the entire the process, from sample collection to slide preparation to scanning of the whole slide.

service at the speed of data

Generate Structured Data

Data science requires structured data for the generation of optimum insights. Our structured data collection system starts at the source, where cancer tissue biopsy is performed and processed for diagnosis. If a provider does not have such technology tools, no problem; we have their back. Our platform is modular and has multiple plugins like AP-LIS, onco-EMR, Lab Note, Messaging (slack in cancer care), AI-apps, and IaaS (cloud infrastructure as a service). Our partner providers get all tools free and they need minimal training to start on the first day of integration.

When Time is of the Essence

Deliver Faster & More Accurate Diagnosis

Our AI-powered providers are capable of delivering diagnostic reports at the speed of data. The second opinion diagnostic support from renowned sub-specialists is just a click away. Our platform connects physicians with the latest treatment options and necessary insights for patient treatment planning.

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