Mobile Health in Cancer Care

Connected Care Continuum

At Histofi, Diagnosis And Treatment Is Just The Beginning of Cancer Care
We Help The Patient Navigate The Journey Until Cancer Is Cured And
Monitor Patients To Detect Future Recurrences

Telemedicine Via Mobile App

Big Data & Patient Centric Messaging

Telemedicine Via Mobile App

Connected Providers

Authentic Information from Renowned Cancer Centers

Histofi Mobile App (Free Version)

Histofi mobile app has a free version, anyone can download the app to search for cancer-specific information for themselves or for their family members. Free features within the app include:

  • Risk-Assessment: Using touch buttons users answer a few questions to check cancer risk score. 
  • Patient-Centric Messaging and Chat-bot: Chat-bot assists users to search cancer-specific, symptom-specific relevant information from authentic sources of renowned cancer centers. 
  • HealthLine: users can use the HealthLine button to talk to Histofi local support staff.

A Navigator Coordinates Treatment

Premium Version (For Diagnosed Cancer Patients)

Diagnosed cancer patients, who are within the Histofi partner providers network (HPPs) can subscribe to the premium version of our mobile app to use the following features:

  • Navigator: cancer patients and their caregivers at home get a designated nurse as the patient’s connected navigator who supports the patient and caregivers to manage treatment and post-treatment phases.
  • Messaging: patients and caregivers can communicate with the navigator through the in-app secure messaging app for any clinical issue. All messages flagged with color codes for notifying physicians when appropriate.
  • Chat-bot: helps patients and caregivers add status data on daily basis for home monitoring by the navigator and physician.
  • In-app consultation: as the clinical need be, the navigator arranges telemedicine consultations with the primary and/or specialized physicians.
  • Patient record: all activities in the mobile app become part of the patient’s health record.

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