Our Story


The AI in medicine technology industry has invested billions of dollars and created a deep learning mechanism to influence machine learning in cancer diagnosis. These AI-driven assets are distributable to stakeholders using digital health platforms. Histofi designed a cancer-specific digital health platform to deliver such AI assets and scientific resources to cancer care providers, anywhere. We deal with digital microscopy but focus on macroscopic issues providers face across the world.

Our Approach

Our approach is patient-centric and provider-friendly digital workflow in pathology and cancer care delivery. We offer a complete modular solution for providers in developing countries for smooth transition to the digital workflow, at no cost and with minimal training. Histofi is a vehicle for distribution of available and regulatory (US-FDA and EU) approved AI applications in cancer diagnosis and analytics to providers in the developing nations. Laboratories and cancer center use Histofi as a stand-alone or as a device agnostic modular solution to install or augment digital pathology workflow. The bundled AP-LIS and AI-apps improve productivity and efficiency further strengthening providers’ capacity in isolated regions and locations. Our mobile app connects patients to their designated health-aid (nurse and others)called navigators, who coordinates care delivery while collecting data in a structured fashion. Such formatted patient’s record helps in seamless delivery of care using in-app messaging and telemedicine consultations on-demand.

Our Aim

The current trend of AI in medicine is focused on the problem as it presents, without much reference to the source of the problem – the patient and her/his environmental factors influencing the cause of cancer, either genetic or acquired. We aim to develop the next-generation dynamic-AI by giving life to the AI assets through multiple channels of Datta-feed from the patient throughout their journey to cure. We intend to contribute to the evolution of better predictive and preventive measures for all phases of cancer growth. Ultimately, to build and utilize unbiased personalized-AI tools to offer a connected care continuum and improved patients’ quality of life.

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