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Virtual Tumor Board

Virtual Tumor Board Services Are Used For:


  • Complex cancer.
  • Cancer recurrences.
  • Metastatic cancers.
  • Rare cancer types.
  • The cancer patient has exhausted all care options locally.

Methods of tumor board meetings at Histofi:

  1. Videoconferencing: conducted by Histofi tumor board platform.
  2. Messaging: a patient-centric and cancer type-based messaging module in the Histofi mobile app.
  3. Mandatory: The virtual tumor board process requires full digital records of the patient, diagnostic pathology and radiology images, reports, and therapeutic document records, all through the way to the present day. In Histofi, the diagnosed cancer patients have their electronic medical records ready for tumor board meetings, pathology second opinion, and patient referral services.
  4. Available specialists include surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and medical oncologists. In all consultations and tumor board meetings, the attendance/presence of the primary physician of the patient is mandatory. If any patient does not have a primary physician, then Histofi will allocate an affiliated physician to the patient before second opinion consultation and tumor board meetings.
  5. Tumor board participants: we have a global network of cancer sub-specialists from the USA, UK, India, Singapore, and Thailand.


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