Cancer Care Ecosystem

Pathology: Digitization (Digital Pathology)

A comprehensive anatomic pathology solution with built-in anatomic pathology laboratory information system (AP-LIS), pathology glass slide scanner, and advanced image viewer, management, and analytics. 

Anatomic pathology labs or department uses Histofi digital pathology for internal case management, diagnosis and reporting, as well as for second opinion diagnostic opinion from our global network of sub-specialist pathologists.

Our Lab Note application integrated with AP-LIS provides protocols and quality control measures in each step of the anatomic pathology laboratory workflow for pathologists and technicians.


We provide hospitals and physicians with the cloud infrastructure, access to our SaaS platform and applied tools to create, analyze, manage and share patient’s data across departments or beyond border to seek cancer-specific subspecialist’s second opinion.

Applications in cancer care:

  • Structured patient data (platform and connected mobile app).
  • Image analysis using cancer-specific AI apps in the cloud.
  • Regional referral labs for molecular pathology services.
  • Virtual tumor board: within country (local) and international cancer centers.
  • Patient-centered secure messaging for providers and stakeholders. 

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